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A Visit with the Hendersons

After moving to our tiny cabin on the lake, we had lots of visitors come to check out our beautiful new surroundings. We felt so lucky to be able to share this wonderful spot with them and show them around our natural environment.

In August of 2017, my sweet friend, Jen and her family came to visit from Southern California. Jen and I have known each other for a very long time and used to work festivals together in our other mutual friend's henna booth (the amazing Henna Crone, aka Debi Varvi). We have had more fun adventures together than I can count! This one was extra special for us because we traveled northeast after their visit at the cabin to head to Scio, Oregon to view the FULL solar eclipse.

Guest bedroom in our cabin on Tenmile Lake in Lakeside, Oregon
Guest Bedroom all gussied up for our visitors - complete with foraged arrangement

Jen and her family arrived and we began showing them around the deck and outdoors. Immediately, her two boys wanted to run down to the dock and partake in the water sports. It was exciting for us to see their little happy faces. They asked if they could go out in the pedal boat and kayak and we happily agreed. They were in those boats in two seconds flat – with their parents, of course. They pedaled and paddled all around the area and had the best time.

Man and his son kayaking on Tenmile Lake in Lakeside, Oregon
Hendersons kayaking on Tenmile Lake

That evening after we were done with the water sports, we made dinner and listened to music. The boys were so well-behaved and sweet and polite. Jen and her husband are raising two adorable boys. The following day, we went out for a hike through the forest behind the house on the seldom-traveled one-lane road up the mountain. The boys enjoyed that walk immensely, finding sticks to play with and pointing out different natural elements that piqued their interest.

We had a spectacular visit with the Hendersons here in our tiny cabin in the forest. We all went to sleep early that second night as we would have a long drive ahead of us the next day when we headed out to see the eclipse. More on that portion of the visit next time... In the meantime, enjoy some more fun photos from our visit below!

Man and his son in a pedal boat on Tenmile Lake in Lakeside, Oregon
Pedalling right along!

Woman and her son kayaking on Tenmile Lake in Lakeside, Oregon
I had no idea two people could fit in the kayak!

Family and friends hiking in the Elliott Forest in Lakeside, Oregon
A hike in the forest with friends
Stay tuned for our trip to see the eclipse!

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