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Will Artists Be Replaced by AI

Photoshoot of Blume Bauer with a red Mexican dress and flower crown inspired by Frida Kahlo, AI art by Blume Bauer

A couple of years ago, my mom started sending me a bunch of amazing images that she created with AI. She was excited about the possibilities as many people were (and many still are). I was incredibly overwhelmed at the time with client work and couldn’t fathom learning a new skill.

Fast forward two years and I see an ad on Facebook of a gal who has a lot of similarities to me, offering courses on using AI for Branding and Marketing. I don’t normally “go” for every ad that pops up in front of me, rather few and far between. But she had so many similarities to me – she mentioned being a burlesque performer/I am a bellydancer, she mentioned she used to live in Oregon and now lives in the desert/I live in Oregon and used to live in the desert, and it went on and on like this. I kept thinking, “Is she inside my brain?” At the same time, what she was offering sounded absolutely magical – using AI for marketing and branding. That is what I love to do and have done for 20+ years. Take my money!

Floral art by Blume Bauer

First, allow me to rewind a bit. It took me about two weeks to decide whether to join the courses or not for a couple of reasons. The first and biggest reason was that it was AI. 😳 I didn’t know where I stood on AI. I wasn’t sure how I felt about learning AI when it uses other people’s artwork to build from. I had tried ChatGPT a few times to see how it worked but then quickly saw people relying on ChatGPT for their Instagram captions and it was really obvious. Yikes. The second holdup was that the courses were pretty expensive but if they were really fleshed out, they could be pretty useful to my work.

On the other side of those fears, I felt hope and excitement. Could AI really change the way I do my work? Could it help in ways that I don’t even know yet? It turned out that my hope and excitement won out and I joined the courses. I love it when hope wins!

Tropical garden art by Blume Bauer

You’re probably asking by now, “When is she going to get to the part about AI replacing artists?” That time is now, my sweet friend.

I started the courses and I was still feeling leery. I wasn’t all-in on the AI part of the courses but I also knew I wanted to keep an open mind. Well, it turns out, my mind was blown wide open. Three or four courses in, I began to realize how AI is a tool that can *help* artists. A tool that creative people can use to make images that they might not have had the skills to make previously (either digitally or manually). I saw painters learning to create graphics with excitement – something many of them never thought they would learn. I began telling my friends and family about the courses and how excited it made me to learn these new tools. Some were apprehensive (and some still are), and some were as excited as I was.

A close friend of mine, Susan, is a glass-fusion artist. She takes tiny bits of glass and cuts them into shapes and designs and kiln fires them to fuse the pieces together. It’s an incredible process. The glass goes in looking like awkward chunks and hard-edged shapes and comes out in these gorgeous designs that she is able to envision before firing. Susan is one of my “excited-about-AI” friends. We were chatting about the possibilities of AI and she asked me to send her something. I created a rudimentary prompt in an image generator for the fused glass art of a hummingbird. The image generator gave me four beautiful design ideas. I sent them to Susan and she loved them as idea-spawners! Seeing the images gave her all sorts of other ideas in her head for creating new pieces.

Fused glass art of a hummingbird and flowers, AI art by Blume Bauer

I saw how using AI spurred my friend Susan’s creativity and I saw it spurring mine as well. I see all of the people in my courses energized by this new tool and the endless number of things it can do. We don’t even have a grasp of how amazing it will ultimately be in aiding us in our everyday lives. The sky really is the limit at this point.

Heck, even just today, I was setting up my new site for the courses I’m creating and I wanted to link my domain. In the past, I would have to go to my domain host, and then put in some complicated information that I have to look up every time because I only do this once every few years. I would then have to hop over to the web host side of things and make sure the pertinent information is entered there as well. And then I would spend hours trying to make the two connect and checking back to see if they had been connected. It was always at least half of a day lost on such a task. And sometimes a few days if everything wouldn’t connect. This time, I clicked a button on the web host side of things and a message popped up, “hang on, we’ll connect to your domain host and set this all up for you”. What?! WOW!! I was so excited. It took about 3 minutes – in which, I had to do nothing but log into the domain host – and AI did the rest. I was over the moon! Imagine what life will be like when we no longer have to do the mundane tasks of the day in and day out of our jobs and we can focus on creating, growing, ideating, and experimenting. Life will indeed be more fulfilling for all of us.

Vibrant colored floral bouquet in a vintage flower urn, AI art by Blume Bauer in the style of Baroque Art

On top of all of this amazingness, my creativity and passion for all of the work in my life have been reenergized in a way I can’t even explain. It’s one of those “you’d have to be there” moments. I revamped my illustration art website. I’m working on a set of online courses to launch. I’m filled with ideas and joie de vivre! I’m listening to music and creating art and working in the garden. Every aspect of my life feels more rich and rewarding.

So, do I think AI will take the place of hand-artistry? Absolutely not. If this is the effect it has had on me – a studied fine artist – then I believe it will ignite passion and excitement in others as well. And I know that there will always be a desire for hand-created artistry. Think about all of the ways that machines can create things instead of humans. A machine can sew a dress but without the creativity of a human, all dresses would be the same. AI can “paint a picture” but it won’t be that exact moment when you visited Paris and looked out over the Seine and painted a plein-air painting. It won’t be the way that you can get the details of the eyes just right when painting a portrait of someone you love. And none of it is tactile – something humans LOVE. I mean, who doesn’t touch everything in a store as they peruse and see things they enjoy?

What AI may do is make hand-artistry even more valuable. As people are able to create the images they see in their heads, there will be more desire and a need for things that still exist in our physical space. We can already purchase a print of almost any art we can imagine and for as little as a few dollars. Did that put artists out of business? No. Instead, it made the hand-made art more valuable. More desired by those who love to collect art. More searched out by those who want something tactile. The nuance of human creativity cannot be replicated because each of us is incredibly different.

Vogue-style fashion photoshoot of a Latina model wearing a dress made of strawberries, inspired by Lady Gaga, AI art by Blume Bauer

So, to all of my artist friends I say, keep making your art. Keep honing your hand-art skills. And if you’re interested, even a little, play with AI imagery apps too. Let the text AI apps assist you with those mundane tasks, leaving you more time for creativity and the magic only you can create. You never know what inspiration or spark of creativity it might give you! Get so good at what you do that people are clamoring for your hand-made art. The day is coming, my sweet friends, if it is not here already.

Hugs and kisses from Blume Bauer


Jul 03

I just shared your page and I think you are an amazing and inspirational, creative soul. I just fell in love with your blog. I lived in Oregon for a few blissful years. It is breathtaking and the coastline is exquisite.

I now live in Florida and yes I'm living on the emerald Coast. The beaches and bays here are inspirational to us creatives The sunsets and warm climate keep me cozy.

I wish I could write as ellequently as you. I suppose my true gifts are photography, hand made art and digital marketing. I'm excited to see your next blog offering and your newest imagery because I think you are crushing it. Thank you for sharing your adventure �…

Replying to

Hi sweet friend! Thank you so much for the lovely compliments. I'm so glad you got to experience the magic of Oregon and now get to live on the coast in Florida. That is amazing. I love that you are creative in so many areas - isn't that how it always is for us creatives? We love so many things! So thrilled to have you join me on my adventures. xoxoxo ~Blume


Jun 28

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Who knows, maybe I will be taking one of your courses!! 🤔 lol. Talk soon sweet friend 🤗🤗🤗

Replying to

Thank you so much sweet friend. That would be amazing if you ended up wanting to take my courses! I know we'd have fun together. 😍


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