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ABOUT ME: the life of a flower farmer

Hi, I'm Blume, the voice behind the Yellow Desk!


I moved to the Oregon coast a handful of years ago to live in a tiny cabin, high up overlooking Tenmile Lake, surrounded by a rain forest. My yellow desk is perched up high in the second story of the house, with an incredible view. The house is lined with windows for optimal views of the lake and forest and all of the wildlife that inhabits them. Although we have now been here a few years, I still enjoy spending countless hours watching the deer, Canadian geese, ducks of many varieties, egrets, and other fascinating wildlife just outside of our windows.

Living on Tenmile Lake with its pristine 42-mile perimeter has inspired me to get creative again with writing, drawing, and designing fabrics for gorgeous products in my boutique.

In case you were wondering, yes, Blume is my real name - it means flower in German. My last name is Bauer - it means farmer. Thus I am a flower farmer.... and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love flowers and glitter and all things sparkly. I love dance and art and hiking and nature. Here are 10 more fun facts about me...

Where do you like to go to have fun?   Outside

Favorite comedy movie?   Little Miss Sunshine

Funniest person you know?   My sweet friend, Karma

Favorite song right now?   Willie Nelson's "Just Breathe"

Last person you hugged?   My lovie

Favorite food?   Chips and salsa with a side of margarita + Mexican food of every variety

Favorite type of tree?   Myrtle Wood - the smell is divine!

Best flowers?   Gardenias

What are you reading right now?   "Becoming Trader Joe" - it's riveting!

Favorite gadget?   My record player


Contact Me:

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