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Photo Journal: Lake Life in Oregon

I have so many beautiful photos to share with you all so I'll be doing a series of Photo Journals to share them. I'll include little tidbits about each of the photos - whether it's a memory or something special about the photo or the reason I took it. I hope you enjoy getting to see what life is like living in this special spot.

A lake surrounded by forest and pretty clouds in the blue sky on Tenmile Lake in Lakeside, Oregon

The clouds over the lake mesmerize me often. Because we get so much rain, we have a vast array of clouds and cloud types to watch as they float by. I find myself seeing characters and shapes in them. On a warm afternoon, I can sit and watch the clouds for hours. In the cooler months, I bring a warm blanket, wrap up in it and sit and watch the clouds speed by before or after a storm. It's a very rewarding experience and always hits the reset button for me.

Blume Bauer hiking through the forest in Lakeside, Oregon

This isn't the best photo of me on a hike with my sweetie person, but it is one of my favorites. We rarely take photos on our walks, but this time he wanted to capture a photo of me standing in the sunlight coming through the trees. No makeup, hair not "done"... just natural me walking through the forest on one of our many hikes behind our cabin. I love that I can feel beautiful with all of the makeup and photoshoots and without. It's wonderful living in a place where natural beauty is celebrated and accepted over plastic surgery and attempts at trying to look "perfect". I remember when my niece came to visit last time, she said "Everyone here is so natural" and then she expounded on the idea by explaining that she liked how everyone wasn't dressed up or wearing lots of makeup. I thought that was a really astute observation at her young age and it made me feel doubly proud of where I live.

View of the lake from our cabin showing all of the debris that washes in from the storm. Tenmile Lake, Lakeside, Oregon

Usually, the view of the lake from our cabin is absolutely breathtaking, but after a big storm, the water turns a murky brown. Sediment washes in and gets churned up by the intense winds, and I wanted to capture the incredible amount of debris that finds its way into the lake with this image. You can see everything from snapped branches and twigs to grasses and leaves. It's all part of the lake's natural cycle, and I find it truly fascinating to observe.

Our lake is quite different from the ones I grew up around, which were essentially large "bowls" of water that would rise and fall with the rainfall. While our lake also fluctuates with the rains, it has several inlets – streams – that feed into it and a creek that flows out to the ocean, creating a unique, dynamic system. Watching the lake's water level change and the debris move through it is a constant reminder of the intricate connection between the land and the sea.

View of Tenmile Lake from our cabin in Lakeside, Oregon

This is what the view looks like after the storm debris has washed out or settled. It's the very scene that sold us on this little cabin by the lake. I never tire of gazing out the upstairs window and taking in all this stunning natural beauty. It's a sight that never grows old, and I feel so fortunate to have it right outside my home.

View of the meadow with fog on Tenmile Lake in Lakeside, Oregon

Nestled near our cozy cabin lies an enchanting meadow, a place where nature's ever-changing moods unfold. This ethereal spot holds a special place in my heart, for it is here that the whispering creek begins its journey, winding through the lush grass before merging with the tranquil lake. Each time I see this meadow it reveals a new facet of its beauty, as if it were a living canvas painted by the passing hours and seasons. On this particular evening, a veil of fog descended upon the land, its ghostly tendrils enveloping the earth in a gentle embrace. Moments like this one are magical!

My binoculars that I use for bird watching and nature viewing.

My trusty friend... my binoculars. I love watching birds and wildlife from my window. It's a nice break in the day when a deer meanders through the cove or a family of geese swim up to shore to eat some grass. Many people on the lake have told us stories about seeing deer swim in the lake! We had never experienced the incredible sight until last summer when we saw our first deer swim across. It was very exciting and a little nerve-wracking when she couldn't find a good place to get to shore. This year, we've seen two bears (maybe the same bear??) swim across and a deer. It's been a banner year for wildlife here in our little cove of the lake.

What are some of your favorite moments in nature recently? Have you had any magical moments that stand out to you?

Hugs and kisses from Blume Bauer


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Illustration by Blume Bauer ©

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