A Year in the Life of My Feet

I love the expression, “If you could walk a mile in my shoes”. I love it because it’s an easy way to remind someone that we all have different experiences, different lives, and different perspectives about the things that happen to and around us. I love to remind myself of this phrase when I cannot understand another person’s train of thought or actions.

I’m not entirely sure why I started shooting my feet in different situations after we moved up here to the Oregon Coast. I think part of it stemmed from not always taking the greatest selfie. Maybe my hair was messy or my face was sleepy or I just wasn’t into taking a selfie that day. In a world of selfies, I’m not one to remember to take them often. It’s typically a rare occurrence when I think, “Oops! I don’t have a picture of myself in this amazing place.” Then I snap a couple and call it good. I rarely share them, but love having them for the memory of having been in that time and place. I think the other reason for taking these foot selfies (if you will) is because my feet are what I see as I boat, or pedal, or hike about. It’s the first-person view – a glimpse – into my life. When looking back through my photos from last year (our first year living here on the Oregon Coast), I noticed that I had shot all of these foot selfies and that each one reminded me of a very fond memory. My second thought was how fun it would be to share them in a sort of “year in the life” of my… you guessed it, FEET!

Before you begin to peruse, can we be real for a moment? I hope we can be real here – it is *my* blog after all. I didn’t do this because I think I could be a foot model and as you’ll see many of my feet selfies are not the perfect selfie. I’ve got missing and chipped polish, sometimes my ankles are a bit swollen from heat and/or long hikes, and sometimes they are downright dirty (like the camping feet during the eclipse). I hope that you can look past those imperfections and see the realness in these foot selfies, the magic in the memories, and get a glimpse of what it was like to live our first year on a lake, on the Oregon Coast. Enjoy!

My first foot selfie doesn’t have any human feet, however it does include my new FAVORITE lap blanket. My dear, sweet friend Lori Anne sent me this lovely mermaid afghan shortly after we first moved in. It is SO soft and warm and cozy! I love that it’s knitted (as I do not know how to knit, only crochet). I love that it has scales on the body of the tail – making it so fun and more realistic. The fin just drives me wild. I love to get cuddled up on the sofa with a cup of hot tea and watch a movie and sometimes if you catch me in the right moment, you’ll see me whipping that fin around with the sway of my legs bobbing up and down.

Ah, the pedal boat and sunshine! Two of my favorite things here on the lake. We spent a lot of hours in that pedal boat our first year on the lake. Mostly at first because we didn’t have a motor boat to travel around in. Yet, even once we got a boat with power, we still loved jumping in the pedal boat and taking it for a spin on a calm evening to watch the sunset. The advantage to the pedal boat is that when you stop pedaling and you just float, there is no motor sound. We could hear all of the nature surrounding us and enjoy the serenity. Looks like this day was cool enough to have my yoga pants on but warm enough to ditch the shoes. I love that temperature – smack in the middle between warm and cold. It’s lovely!

Our first warm day in our first boat. So many fond memories in this boat and we only had her on the water for about 6 months. We named her The Rebel since she was blue and yellow like our high school alma-mater (we both went to the same high school). This day was exceptionally warm. It was our first experience of warmth on the lake. I can tell that it was very warm because I’m wearing my crane dress and it’s made out of that silky fabric that is too cool against the skin if there is a chill in the air. Later that day, the sun would warm us so much that Dennis jumped into the lake VERY briefly. It was freezing cold! The water hadn’t had a chance to warm up yet since it was only the beginning of May.

This was one of our many adventures around the coastal area near home last year. We had driven up to Florence and on our way back, we stopped at the Siltcoos River to check it out. It was a magnificent place with a fantastic walking path all the way around a gorgeous lagoon! There were dozens of species of plants and flowers, lots of interesting insects (we saw a dragonfly the size of a teaspoon!), and tons of birds fluttering about. I’ll have to write an entire separate blog about the lagoon – it was filled with that much to tell!

This foot selfie makes me smile. I cannot count the number of days where it was beautiful enough to pop out into the garden, lay on the lounger, and watch the wildlife go by. We call it the golden hour. When everything gets calm, maybe only the subtlest breeze. It’s warm and the sun is shining and everything feels quite perfect. I’m not sure if there is perfection in life, but if there isn’t, this is as close as I’ve found.

What a fun time aboard the tall ship, The Lady Washington, in Coos Bay last year during the Tall Ship Festival. We got to explore the whole ship and touch the aging woods, see the super thick ropes that tied her to the dock, the tiny stair well down into the cabin of the ship, the old fashioned compass (it was BEAUTIFUL), and the wheel. It was exciting to see all of the rich history that she possessed.

Another day in the pedal boat – as I mentioned, we used it quite a bit last year. This time it wasn’t as warm but the sunset was glorious. If you look closely into the water, you see the reflection of the trees, the very blue sky, and some soft white clouds. Those clouds help to create a magnificent sunset that evening as we floated on the lake, surrounded in bugs and bats and swallows. Experiences in nature are definitely my favorite.