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Turquoise How I Love Thee: Volume 7

It's funny that lately, I'm in love with navy and blush pink - I've been literally lusting over items in these two colors. Yet my love of navy and blush doesn't limit my love for turquoise. Is it possible that once you fall in love with turquoise, you never fall out of love? I think it's most certainly possible for me. Here are my five favorites this week...

1. I truly wish I knew where to get these gorgeous turquoise hoop earrings! Aren't they stunning and unique? I love those little sun/eyelash shapes carved around the hoops and the details at the top near the hooks. They are absolutely lovely!

2. This pretty turquoise ring has quite a unique greenish hue to it. I love the details and design of the silver work around it. It's very similar to a cocktail ring that I own that has a green turquoise rock in it. When I wear it, it always makes me feel fabulous!

I found this ring on "Your Great Finds" - they have lots of gorgeous turquoise goodies there.

3. I find this turquoise pendant an absolute delight! It's a squash blossom design with 3 turquoise stones and 3 smaller, stunning red (almost magenta) stones at the bottom – does anyone know which kind of stone those are? So pretty!

This gorgeous piece came from Schaef Designs - an amazing resource for turquoise and authentic Native American jewelry.

4. Oh, beautiful Volkswagon Bug... how I adore you! Not only is this one of the most classic vehicles of all time but to see one in its gorgeous turquoise glory makes this beetle even more fabulous. I'd drive this gal around town with pride if she were mine. She's beautiful!

That makes me wonder... why don't we have more beautiful colors for our vehicles? We have so many black and white and gray - some blue and red but that seems to be the extent of our vehicle color palette. Wouldn't it be fun to see every color on the road imaginable?!

5. Every turquoise-loving gal would love to be layered in gorgeous turquoise pieces like these. Am I the only one who adores the combination of cowgirl boots, dresses, and turquoise jewelry? I think it's as classic as a little black dress and fashionable for any occasion. What's your favorite thing to wear with your turquoise pieces? Let me know in the comments!

I found this fabulousness at another great turquoise jewelry shop - Hippie Cowgirl Couture. So fun!

That's a wrap for this week's five favorite turquoise items! Check out my other favorites below:


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Illustration by Blume Bauer ©

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