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Turquoise How I Love Thee: Week 4

I could talk for days about turquoise. I could look through hundreds of pages of pretty turquoise items. Every time I see the color, my eyes light up and it always catches my attention. Even variations of "true" turquoise often make me just as happy! Dark turquoise, light turquoise, medium turquoise, green turquoise – they are all beautiful!

It’s week four in the series, Turquoise How I Love Thee and here are my five favorite things this week that share the color I hold in my heart.

1. I have to say that I'm not normally a "princess" sort of gal. I'd rather be the nature/explorer type in comfortable clothes, experiencing life for all it has to offer. However, there is this other side of me – my girly side – that loves all things glittery, sparkly, and shiny... fluffy, feathery, and flowing. The side of me that loves this dress. This dress makes me wish that I lived in a world where we dressed up like this for social gatherings on a regular basis. A world where we prepped and primped and got all gussied up to have lunch or tea or just to hang out on the beach. What fun that would be! Although I couldn't locate the designer of the dress, I did find the source for the photo. It is the cover of a youth novel called "The Selection" about an American singer chosen among 35 other girls to compete for a prince's heart. Apparently the novel has been picked up to be made into a movie so we may see that in the theaters someday soon. I, for one, hope they have this dress and many more like it in the film version!

2. When turquoise occurs in nature, it feels even more special than made-made turquoise – although, don't get me wrong, I seriously LOVE all things turquoise! This stunning cave in Sijiy, Taiwan is a phenomenal example of turquoise in nature. The glowing turquoise waters at the bottom of the cave and the blue glow that they cause on the rock walls is picture perfect – as wrc213 on Flickr can attest to as the amazing photographer that captured this shot. The water makes me want to dive right in! Who's with me?

3. The photo of this amazing Moroccan tea or water pitcher is not the best but often, antiques were photographed years ago. The beauty shines through this lackluster photo though – showing off it's real turquoise mosaic around the body of the pitcher. The crystal stopper under the lid and crystal at the base of the pitcher add to the luxurious nature of this gorgeous container. I can picture the man serving a sweet, mint tea from the pitcher, pouring it high above the glass as a feat of gravity induced super powers. The thought makes me miss the little restaurant in Hollywood – the Moun of Tunis where my friend and bellydancer, Princess Farhana performs on a regular basis along with other local dancers on showcase nights. I feel so privileged to have danced there with them on several occasions. It's a magical and very special place.

4. Another older photo of a woman wearing more turquoise than I own in my entire collection – amazing! That bracelet is making me drool. I have never seen that large of a piece of turquoise in person – have you? It needs 3 bracelet bands to hold it on her wrist, wow! I love the silver work around the bracelet. Then there are the magnificent beads placed around her neck, adding weight to every step she takes. What is that expression... "Beauty hurts"? Sometimes it does and it is oh-so-worth-it!

5. A beautiful collection of rings by the incredible Leslie Crow. I honestly cannot choose a favorite of the three. They are each uniquely lovely. The first one on the left has a simple setting but the piece of turquoise itself is so varied in color and texture. The ring in the center is very much like a green turquoise ring that I own with the leaves in the setting and the dots. I love how the artist used the leaves as almost a yin/yang shape around the piece of turquoise. The ring on the right shaped into an infinity with a leaf trailing through the middle reminds me that nature is infinitely beautiful. Which is your favorite? I'd love to hear in the comments!

Thank you for joining me in another week of a few of my favorite turquoise things! I hope you'll click subscribe below and join me next week!

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