Turquoise How I Love Thee: Volume 6

I'm reading a book called "The Anthology of Turquoise" by Ellen Meloy. She describes turquoise as deeply embedded into our lives... it's the color of our swimming pools, the color of some of our favorite jewelry, the color of natural bodies of water, and sometimes it's the color of the sky. There is something oddly satisfying and lovely about turquoise. Something that draws us to it like moths to a flame. Here, in volume 6 of my proclamation of love for turquoise, I share with you some of my favorite turquoise items.

1 These turquoise bird earrings drive me wild! From their adorable blinged-out heads to their drippy, beaded feathers, pointed with tiny turquoise-painted metal tips. I would love to have a pair of these in my jewelry box indeed!

2 Embroidered cowgirl boots in my favorite color - turquoise?! Yes, please! These Martin boots are the stuff of turquoise dreams with their tiny rivets, little pink and turquoise embroidered flowers, and the appropriate heel for hopping on your favorite horse and riding off into the sunset. Are these every little girl's dream or just mine? LOVE THEM!

3 Not in my wildest dreams have I ever imagined that someone would use real, turquoise stones to pave the floor of their home and it is magnificent! I can't imagine how much this floor cost the homeowner but my goodness was it a brilliant idea. What a beautiful way to make a home feel more rich and warm and inviting. Would you put a turquoise floor in your home if you could afford it?

4 I love a good bit of turquoise jewelry and this lovely, copper, wire-wrapped pendant does not disappoint. Created by Nomad Bead Merchants on Etsy – the only disappointing thing about this gorgeous pendant is that the shop owner has gone out of business. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that they'll be back. They sure do make lovely baubles!