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Turquoise How I Love Thee: Week 5

I could talk for days about turquoise. I could look through hundreds of pages of pretty turquoise items. Every time I see the color, my eyes light up and it always catches my attention. Even variations of "true" turquoise often make me just as happy! Dark turquoise, light turquoise, medium turquoise, green turquoise – they are all beautiful!

It’s week five in the series, Turquoise How I Love Thee and here are my five favorite things this week that share the color I hold in my heart.

1. I imagine this room is somewhere exotic and beautiful like Morocco – although technically, I'm not sure where it's from. I am drawn to this room like a moth to a flame for as you might know by know, I love turquoise just a little bit. I would never have thought to make a room so turquoise but it somehow works here in this divine sitting room with its textured walls, soft pink chairs, pink glass sconces and glass framed mirror as the center piece – gorgeously reflecting the warm turquoise throughout the room. The soft plush carpet lends itself to the turquoise tranquility of the room along with light turquoise sheers that we can see behind the photo in the reflection of the mirror. This room makes me want to stay for weeks, exploring the soft, warmth it reveals. It makes me truly consider the idea of a turquoise room. How about you? Would you paint an entire room turquoise? What accent color would you add? Let me know in the comments!

2. I'm sure that we have already established the fact that I'm pretty much a sucker for anything turquoise, but that doesn't mean that I don't have a preference for the pieces that I love. I'll pass by plenty of turquoise jewelry when it's not my style or taste – I know, that sounds like blasphemy coming from a turquoise-lover, but it's just the truth! I love the pieces I love, and I leave the pieces I don't love for someone else who will. This is one of the pieces that I love. I love the organic shape of the pieces as they loop around to comprise the whole ring. I just adore the color of turquoise in this piece. I'm the most fond of the turquoise like this that reminds me of the colors of the sea.

3. This stone is a little deeper turquoise, or at least appears to be a deeper color with the dark browns and yellows mixed into the rock. I love a beautiful gem or crystal or rock like this that has the striations throughout the piece that can be seen when held up to the light. It reminds us that nature is beautiful and creates some of the most amazing things. This particular stone is called Kyanite. It is from the Merelani Hills in the Lelatema Mountains in the Arusha Region of Tanzania. It certainly makes me dream of far off lands filled with lovely turquoise crystal-filled mountains! You can find rocks like these and more for sale at the Marin Mineral Company.

4. There is something so alluring about a gorgeous pair of cowboy boots – especially when they are made for women! I just love the pointy toe that says "watch out or I'll kick you in the tushie!" I love that they command attention when you walk into a room. And there is nothing like a well-worn boot. The leather gets soft and supple. The souls wear in and then wear through from all of that dancing you do. No worries though, the leather "top" of the boot lasts forever and you just have new souls added to start the process all over again. Do you love a great pair of boots? What are your favorite style? I'd love to hear in the comments! Boots by Head West Outfitters.

5. My draw to this lovely photograph was the turquoise blossoms that the model is surrounded by. The flowers set against the gorgeous black evening gown make for a fantastic contrast. The dress designer is Micheal Cinco. I had to look him up – not being familiar with many fashion designers – and WOW, his work is phenomenal. Dreamy, rich, lush, luxe... it's made of every little girls fairy tales and every woman's grown up desires. His collections will have your jaw on the floor. Go to his site... don't miss out!

Thank you for joining me in another week of a few of my favorite turquoise things! I hope you'll click subscribe and join me next week!

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Illustration by Blume Bauer ©

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