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The Majesty of Cape Arago

People travel from all over the world to experience Cape Arago in Charleston, Oregon. The beauty of its rocky cliffs and views as far as the eye can see make it one that is hard to surpass. A quick drive up past Sunset Bay will yield a very small drive way that opens into a large parking area. Park the car, and walk down the trail to the right and you’ll find benches and picnic tables scattered about, tucked amongst the trees overlooking the steep cliffs of rock where the waves crash below so hard that they create a milky froth. On the opposite side of the trail, you’ll find a sea lion haven. Make a right on the trail – when it’s open, it is closed during mating season – and you can walk all the way down to the little cove of sandy beach littered with giant trees and logs that have washed ashore and become trapped inside. You can watch the powerful waves pick the trees up and roll them about the beach. Use caution if you make it down to the sand!

Back on the picnic side of the trail is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon. Most of the tables and benches jut out into the warmth of the sun and a few of them are even protected from the winds of the shore. Bring a picnic or some playing cards and spend a few hours enjoying the sound of the crashing waves and the beauty of the forest around you. We’ve seen couples who even had small bbq’s to make a lunch al fresco! We’ve also seen plein aire painters set up, painting the glory of that frothy ocean below, that amazing blue sky ahead, and the occasional little cloud that passes by. Of in the distance, one of the large rocks out in the sea will be covered with sea lions. You’ll hear their playful barking and see their skin glistening in the sun as they sunbathe on the rocks.

Cape Arago is a must see when you are on the Oregon Coast!

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Illustration by Blume Bauer ©

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