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Ambrose, New Fabric Pattern!

New fabric pink and purple ombre geometric fabric pattern in my boutique.

Lately, I love all things pink and floral but I know that not everyone is as into florals on their clothing as I am. I was playing around with making some flowers that were more geometric and implied than actual flowers. I played with circles at first but then I decided to use quarter pieces of circles and combine them to make a circle, which gave me an almost star-shaped pattern in the center. Then I had to name this new fabric pattern, Ambrose, because I just love that name. It's so cute!

In my mind, these are geometric-flower-stars, but still totally suitable for those who don't want a floral and would rather have a fabric pattern that is more graphic. Of course, then I had to add some shading and an ombre – I love ombre lately too! I chose a soft, pinky-peach at the top of the ombre that switched to a soft lavender, and then into a deeper, dark purple. I hope you love it as much as I do!

I've added this pattern to an all-over-print hoodie and a one-piece swimsuit. I think both turned out so cute! What do you think?

Ambrose Unisex Hoodie. Pink and purple ombre fabric with geometric pattern.

Ambrose Unisex Hoodie, back. Pink and purple ombre with geometric pattern.

Ambrose One Piece Swimsuit. Pink and purple ombre with geometric pattern. Available in plus sizes too.

Do you love geometric patterns? What other colors would you love to see them in?

**Fabric by the yard coming soon!


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Illustration by Blume Bauer ©

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