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If the Redwood Forest Could Speak

If the Redwood Forest could talk, I imagine it would have all sorts of wise words of wisdom to impart. The regal trees stand what feel like miles above my head with circumferences as big around as a sedan. The feet of the Redwoods expand past their trunk size to give them a sturdy footing to hold up their massive weight. I stood quietly inside the forest, surrounded by trees and low growing ferns. I could hear the majestic giants breathing around me. Breathing in our carbon dioxide, breathing out new life. These trees remind me that trees give us life, they give us breath, they give us shade, and they give us beauty.

Each morning, a heavy mist wafts through the forest, leaving behind a blanket of dewy wetness. Even hours after the mist is gone, the trees still softly drip droplet after droplet onto the forest floor feeding creatures and plants that live beneath them. The red bark of the trees is a stark contrast to the green of the forest. The air is still among the Redwoods, even if a wind blows through, as they act like a great wind barrier. In the afternoon on a windy day, you can hear the wind tossel the tops of the tree limbs about.

What do you think the Redwoods would tell us if they could speak?

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Illustration by Blume Bauer ©

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