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You Can See the End of the World in Florence Oregon

Florence, Oregon is known as having the largest dune complex along the coast of the entire US. It’s home to lots of off-roading adventures, events, and tourists flock there for their off-roading fun. It also has a magnificently long shoreline with soft sand as far as the eye can see.

We traveled over to Florence to check out the beach there and see if we might find a lovely spot to linger. We drove down the very long (miles) access road that runs parallel to the dunes until we got to the last day parking spot on the road. We parked and hiked up the soft sand hill to the top and right there was where we stayed! The view was unlike any other I’ve experienced and I’ve always lived on the West Coast. A magical thing happens there atop the dunes, looking out over the ocean… the curvature of the earth shows itself!

As I sit and stare off into the blue sky sitting above the blue water with crashing waves, I noticed the effect. The sky seems to bend into a circular shape and the oceans edge drops off in a semi-circle out ahead of us. It is truly like seeing the edge of the world! No oil tankers, no mountains, no islands – nothing standing in the way of the view between myself and the endless sky and ocean. It is pure magic!

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Illustration by Blume Bauer ©

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