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The Magical Meadow

The first time we drove out to our new cabin on the lake, attempting to see it the day before the real estate agent could take us there, we took the long, winding gravel road, miles into the forest and around the top of Tenmile Lake. If it weren’t for GPS, we might have given up but the little voice in my phone said to keep going. We dropped into a valley at the bottom of the road lined on either side by wild blackberries and a meadow filled with Canadian Geese, a few Mallard Ducks, and beautiful Appaloosa Horses! It was absolute magic. We stopped and just enjoyed the view for several minutes. I could feel that it was a special place, one rarely touched by man or woman.

After taking it all in, we ventured farther down the road, toward the house but as we got close enough, it felt like someone might still be living there so we turned back. We decided to wait until the agent could take us. We stopped again in the meadow and just sat, enjoying the beauty. It was the magic and beauty of that meadow that was part of what sold me on our new house. Since we’ve moved in, I’ve sat in that meadow many times now. Sometimes it’s filled with Elk in the evening, enjoying a rest and a drink from the creek. Sometimes it’s dry and filled with wildflowers as far as the eye can see. The meadow takes over my sense of time and engages my sense of wonder every single time I drive past it. It truly is part of what makes it so special to live out in the country, in a little cabin, on the lake.

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Illustration by Blume Bauer ©

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