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The Feeling of Home

Have you ever been somewhere new and felt instantly that it was like home? Maybe a new town or a newly traveled to country or a building or house? I often wonder what makes a home feel like home. The easy answer is of course, home is where the heart is. If you have everyone you love with you, then that can make a house a home. Having your belongings and sentimental items surrounding you can also create that feeling of home. What is it then when we are in a brand new place that instantly feels like home?

I got that cozy, at-home feeling from our new house the moment we stepped inside. Looking around, everything felt somehow familiar like I’d been there before. A warm, cozy feeling enveloped me and I never wanted to leave. I sat on the sofa and I started to imagine the manner in which all of my belongings could somehow just arrive, our old house could sell itself, and I would never have to leave this spot.

Life took hold, as it does, and we did move on to see the other homes on the Oregon Coast that we were interested in. Meanwhile all of my thoughts were consumed with the cabin on the lake. I had already imagined our lives there and us growing old together, sitting out on the front porch, holding hands well into our gray haired years and beyond.

In hindsight it was almost silly to look at the other homes on our list but it gave us a fantastic perspective and reminds us every day how fortunate we are to have found a place that we love so much that continues to love us back.

Have you ever had that feeling of home in a new place? Where was it? What made it feel like home? Let me know in the comments!

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Illustration by Blume Bauer ©

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