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Snow on the Oregon Coast - Who Would Have Thought It!

When we moved from the Mojave Desert to the Oregon Coast, we were ready for some big weather changes. I was expecting lots of rain, I was expecting lots of humidity, I expected cooler temperatures, but one thing I really thought wouldn’t happen so close to the coast is snow. Sure enough, two days after we moved into our new cabin on the lake, the snow began falling on our third day here and it didn’t stop falling until the fourth day. It was cold but it was absolutely stunning! A rain forest on a lake, covered in snow. Thank goodness we had lots of groceries, plenty to eat and drink, our family still here with us and pellets for the pellet burning stove to keep warm with!

We ran the pellet stove twenty-four hours a day during the storm and move in. The house hadn’t been heated in over a year and it took almost a whole day to start to really feel warm inside with one of the coldest storms Lakeside had experienced in over a decade. For us, we took at as another wonderful welcoming to our new home. We played in the snow and threw snowballs. We explored the property in the snow. Dennis’ cousin was here helping with the move and he even went for a run in the snow (he loves to run).

Fortunately it melted enough for our parents to get back home to their pets and other responsibilities after a couple days. We were grateful to get to stay in our new cabin, overlooking the lake, surrounded by the bits of snow that were left and much to our surprise, it snowed two more times after that last winter!

We knew at the time that it was an anomaly and we would be a little sad not to experience a snowfall the following winter. Just as we predicted, no snow this past winter, but we did get some very large hail! I love the changes of the weather here. We now use the expression “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes!” (because it will most certainly change)

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Illustration by Blume Bauer ©

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