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Windy City

I opened this video 4 years after I took it. We moved away from the Antelope Valley on New Year's Eve 2016 and have been here on the Oregon Coast for almost a year. I had forgotten how windy it was back at our old home. This is taken in Leona Valley in a cow pasture. It's windy like this 90% of the year there. When people tell us it's too windy here on the coast, we just giggle because there are SO MANY beautiful, calm days here and often if there is wind, it’s a very light breeze. I don’t miss the feeling of this hot wind or the sound of it as it constantly thrashes my ears.

It was sunny and the skies are the bluest blue… I guess that just means that no place is absolutely perfect. One just has to pick the place that is perfect enough for them. To us, living in our little lake house on the Oregon Coast is about as close to perfection as we’ve experienced. Here’s hoping that if you haven’t found your close to perfect place already that you’ll find it soon!

Enjoy the hot, whipping sound of the wind as it rustles through the trees…

Do you live somewhere windy? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments! Do you love it or hate it?

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Illustration by Blume Bauer ©

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