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The Curly Hair Struggle is Real

For years, I straightened my hair. I didn't feel pretty if it wasn't straight and then also ironically curled with a curling iron to give it more shape (but not actual curls). I spent the majority of my young life believing what people around me told me... "you're prettier with straight hair"... "you look more professional with straight hair"... and on and on.

One day, I decided to put down the blow dryer. Not only was it destroying my beautiful hair with constant split ends and damage but I was spending hours making it look like I didn't have curly hair. I decided to stop wasting so much time out of my life to make my hair look different than it does naturally. I decided to work with what I had - curly hair. At first, I would still straighten my bangs as if it were some sort of compromise between the part of me that wanted straight hair and the part of me that knew my hair was curly. It took years for my hair to go back to it's normal shape (after straightening it for the majority of my young life). Once it bounced back, I began to love it and wonder why I ever spent all of that time worrying and fretting and using a blow dryer to rid myself of the natural beauty of my hair.

These days, I embrace my hair. If someone doesn't think it's "professional", that has much more to do with their own insecurities than it has to do with my hair. More often than not, I get compliments and women saying they wish they had curly hair. Ladies, if you've got curly hair, flaunt it... love it... and by all means stop straightening it! It's beautiful. You're beautiful. Love yourself. Love your hair!

Whether you have curly hair or not, please watch this...

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Illustration by Blume Bauer ©

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