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Magic on the Lake

Another amazing moment on the lake here... yesterday, I walked out onto the deck to place some sun tea on our little cafe table out there. I set it down carefully as the table is not completely flat on top with all of the filigree. As I set it down, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed my Geraniums aren't as full as I'd like them to be by now. We've had lots of sun and I thought they would just go wild once the sun came out this year. So I walk over to the "purple sizzle" (that's what it was named) and manicured her a bit. To take off a couple of dead leaves and just look at her flowers closely. There is a lot of new, small growth on the plant so that is very promising.

Suddenly, I hear a branch break in the cove below me. I look over and there's our little floppy tongued deer down there munching away at some tall grass. Her and her babies hang out here quite often (she has 3 of them but they are growing up fast - they almost look full grown). I look down at her and she looks up at me with a questioning face as if to ask "Are we okay here?" I say out loud to her "Hi baby, how are you today?" She looks relieved and puts her head back down to eat some more grass. And the two of us just hang out there for awhile. Her eating her grass and me enjoying her beauty. The babies are off in the trees. I can see one of their little fluffy tails through the leaves. The magic continues to happen here on Ten Mile Lake... everywhere I look.

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Illustration by Blume Bauer ©

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