Something Out of the Ordinary

We were always looking for a space to live that was a little more unique, more interesting, and certainly less cookie-cutter than the tract home we lived in. Even as far back as 2013, we had been looking for properties and homes that would give us a place to call home for our quirky natures. Both of us love to be enveloped by nature, whether it be in the desert where we were or here in a forest on a lake, where we are now – we have always craved nature. We love wild animals running around, plant life, and especially water (queue the lake house). When we first began looking for something different, something out of the ordinary, that we could call home we were looking in the Mojave Desert in Southern California where we lived. Although the hot summers were not our favorite thing or the harsh winds that could swoop down from the hillside with a biting cold off of the snowy mountains nearby, we still loved the desert. We have always been the type to appreciate the beauty around us and make a good situation out of one that might be less than ideal. I wrote about the adventure of finding this first home in a previous blog about how I accidentally found Phonehenge. The home was odd and quirky and filled with bright colors everywhere I looked. From the paint, to the gorgeous wood grains, and the cacti located throughout. I could tell that someone loved that home with all of their hearts but I also got the feeling that something grand was missing from the space and it was… Phonehenge! Phonehenge was built by an amazing man, Kim Fahey, in Acton, California. He creativity and ingenuity turned a place in the low hills of the desert and transformed it into an artistic structure that overlooked miles of scenery. Here are some great shots we got of Phonehenge – or what was left of it when we happened upon it. Click here to see the blog and to see what the real Phonehenge looked like (in the video at the bottom of the blog).

This next house, most people would have run screaming in the other di