Rockin' Rockaway Beach: Our Oregon Adventure Part IX

Back on the coast for our overnight camping, we headed further north to Rockaway Beach. Rockaway Beach was the furthest north on the coast that we were considering. We hadn’t wanted to purchase a home at the top of the coast, near Washington, as their records for rain fall and colder temperatures were a definite deterrent for us. Of course, there are the adorable towns of Seaside and Astoria (home of the Goonies house) at the top of the coast, but we could always visit them for the weekend once we moved to Oregon.

Our first stop in Rockaway Beach was an adorable cabin tucked away at the bottom of a hill, at the end of the road. Exiting the van, we were immediately greeted by the neighbor of the house, Mike, and his cat Nemo (yes named after the movie Finding Nemo). He knew the owner/builder of the home for sale and although he had a lot to say, he was quite friendly. The home was gorgeous. It was a brand new build with top of the line counters and cabinets and appliances in the kitchen. A beautiful paint scheme for the interior and exterior. Nice windows with views of the forest. The ocean was just a hop, skip and a jump from the house. I really loved that everything was shiny and new but that the house still felt like a warm home. The builder had done a wonderful job.

Mike told us that the neighborhood was quiet and peaceful – something we were definitely looking for. Although the property was small, there was an empty lot between the home for sale and Mike’s house, creating a bit more privacy. Mike explained that the empty lot was originally owned by a nice couple who planned to build there someday but never had. He then went on to tell us that the couple had since passed and it was now owned by their son and that sadly he was (in Mike’s words), a tweaker. He said that there had been arguments over the property and that every time the son and his wife and/or friends returned, they would leave junk behind to store on the property. This really wasn’t a story we wanted to hear about a potential new home. Don’t get me wrong, we were glad to hear it prior to buying a home, but it just wasn’t sitting well with us.

I was instantly in love with Mike’s kitty, Nemo. She was so adorable and loving and kept rubbing my legs repeatedly. I had to include her in this blog. She really was a special cat.

Dennis wasn’t crazy about the fact that the home sat down in the canyon at the bottom of the road. It felt sort of claustrophobic, surrounded by 100 foot trees. The house went on our maybe list but near the bottom with the added notes about the nosey neighbor, the unresolved empty lot, and the location of the home itself. Time to move on to the next house!

The next house to see that day was not a house, but a small motel right on the highway. While we had learned that we weren’t crazy about the idea of living on the highway, we still loved the idea of a work/live situation. The hotel was so cute. A small house out front for the office and living quarters for the management (that would have been us in theory). It had three rooms that were rented out in a separate building from the home/office out front. The hotel was really quaint and sat right across from the ocean. I could imagine all of the little improvements we would make and spending the next chapter of our lives in hospitality. It was a fun dream!

The motel was listed on Zillow for sale, but there were no signs of it being for sale once we were there. We figured that they opted not to have a “for sale” sign out front as they were still operating the motel until it sold. We would have to call the agent on the listing if we decided to go for it. We talked about all of the fun possibilities throughout the day as we continued to travel around. Ultimately, one of the biggest draw backs was being right on the highway with the traffic going by.

We drove by another cute house for sale in Rockaway, just a block – walking distance – from the beach. The burnt orange house was very beach-ey and cute but sat on the corner of two main streets and had an open yard. It felt a little odd, like it was “on display” with no privacy to sit in the yard in the evening, bbq’ing or having a glass of wine. We continued driving.