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Two inches of rain in one sleep!

Happy October 13th everyone!

I don’t know about you but I love the number 13. I especially love Friday, the 13th’s – they always bring me good luck. And although today is a Tuesday, it is October (aka spooky season) and I’m going to treat today as a special 13th. I hope it’s a special 13th of October for you today too!

Autumn has officially arrived here on Tenmile Lake. The leaves have begun to turn from green to orange, yellow, and red. We’ve had our first big storm of the season with almost TWO full inches of rain in one night’s sleep on Friday. wow! Saturday was lovely after the rain cleared and the clouds moved on. We reveled in several hours of sunshine and worked in the yard, knowing that we must savor the last delicious bits of warm, sunny days. Sunday was cloudy but warm and dry and lovely. I spent the entire day drawing, eating, doing a few chores around the house, and just generally having a delightful day off. We also enjoyed our first “golden hour” of the season this week. The sky looked like a warm painting that I wanted to wrap myself in forever!

This week I launched my new seasonal page for Fall in my boutique! I’m thrilled to have it up and ready for you all to peruse. There are fun Fall fashions, adorable spooky season home decor items and accessories, and some gorgeous Fall gift wrap options for those stationery lovers out there. I hope you take a moment to look through all of the fun items there. I’d love to hear which are your favorites! I’ll be adding more as the season progresses.

I finished a couple of new flower drawings for #30daysofflowers. I’m having a lot of fun drawing the unusual list of flowers – many of them are flowers that I’ve never attempted before! I’m on flower #20. Ten more to go.

As promised, my dad did came to visit us and it was such a fun treat to see him. Plans changed and he was only able to stay for one day, but we still had the best time. He got to see our “new/used” boat Joplin (he hadn’t seen her yet). I showed him all around my garden – he loves plants too. We had a delicious snack of cheeses, crackers, and grapes filled with conversation and catching up followed by a delicious dinner of chicken tortilla soup – complete with homemade tortilla strips, one of my favorite soup toppers. My husband pulled out a gold mining map that was gifted to him by a friend. He and my dad dreamed up some future gold expeditions. We finished off the night with homemade lemon cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting to celebrate my dad’s upcoming 70th birthday - wow! I cannot believe my dad is 70. He’s still so vital and energetic and fun.  

In other news, my tomatoes are growing bigger and riper every day. I’m hopeful to get a handful more of them from the vine before it’s time to say goodbye for the season. My hubby is working on a new deck for our hot tub – so excited about that. We had it sitting on a tarp and a protective bubble tarp on the grass but it would often have mud, leaves, pine needles, and such all around the outside making it difficult to get in with clean feet. When it’s finished, we’ll have a nice deck for it to sit on and the previous decking to walk across to it. Here it is in its in-progress phase.

I highly recommend the new Dolly Parton documentary on Netflix. I watched it this week during one of my drawing sessions and she is so lovely. This documentary delves a bit more into her past and shares some details about the early part of her career that I hadn’t heard in other documentaries before. As you may know, she’s one of my favorites (I mentioned her podcast, Dolly Parton’s America, last week). I’ve also been watching the new Netflix series, The Haunting of Bly Manor. I truly expected a predictable plot but the further into the series I get, the more I have a suspicion that there will be some really interesting twists! I also recommend giving Bob Dylan’s new song (well, new this past summer) a listen – Murder Most Foul. It’s a heartbreaking account of the state of our country and its decline since the shooting of JFK. Dylan has a way with words and this song is no different. It just might be the best poetry he’s written thus far.

This coming week, we have lots to celebrate – it’s National M&M Day today, it’s also National No Bra Day, wahoo! I dare you to take a day off from wearing that torturous device. ;) Tomorrow is National Dessert Day – I’ll be making my favorite chocolate mousse recipe (it’s only 3 ingredients and takes just a few minutes to whip up). We’ve also got National I Love Lucy Day on Thursday – I’ll have to watch some episodes for sure, I love her!  Friday is Global Cat Day, I love my kitties. Saturday is Eminem’s birthday – if you’re a fan, crank some tunes on Saturday in honor of his thoughtful words. Sunday is National Chocolate Cupcake Day - YES please! Monday is National New Friends Day. I have to admit, that’s going to be hard during the pandemic but I have virtually met some really fun new friends on TikTok recently!

I hope you have a fun week, filled with spooky delights and awesome celebrations.

*hugs and kisses*



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