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Turquoise How I Love Thee: Volume 9

Words begin as description. They are prismatic, vehicles of hidden, deeper shades of thought. You can hold them up at different angles until the light bursts through in an unexpected color. –Susan Brind Morrow (The Name of Things)

This is how the book "The Anthology of Turquoise" begins and I was immediately hooked. That unexpected color that comes to mind for me is turquoise, of course! I have loved turquoise for over 30 years and it would have been all of my life if I didn't start out loving periwinkle (isn't that the best color name ever?!). I still periwinkle – I'll never stop – just like I'll never stop loving turquoise even though my current color favorite is blush pink. I have room in my heart for all of them, but turquoise still takes up the biggest chunk.

Here are a few of my favorite turquoise items this week...


Not only does this gorgeous ottoman look delightfully cozy but the turquoise embroidery across the top is stunning! I sure wish I knew where it came from. It's a beaut!


I imagine this adorable turquoise cottage lives on the beach somewhere – I know, you're saying "what gave you that idea? The palm tree or the sand?" lol! I love its tiny little gate to the porch area and the white trim really makes the turquoise pop even more. I imagine the smile it would give me to come home to this little beach house each day – the color is so cheery!


This looks like a pressed-metal sign... maybe copper? I was told by a turquoise miner once that turquoise gets its color from copper in the ground. I always thought that was pretty neat that nature creates my favorite color. No matter the metal this is made from, I'd love to see it as a little sign in my cottage garden. What a cute detail it would make!


Red lips are the perfect accouterment for this gorgeous turquoise faux-fur jacket! What a way to stay warm while still looking stylish. I really love the top she has on underneath too and her sunglasses... the entire ensemble is so cute! Would you wear this stunning jacket? I'd wear it daily!


I'm not 100% sure this ring is made from a turquoise stone. It's hard to tell with the glossy coating - although it would make sense to coat turquoise with something to protect it. I have owned some turquoise rings that have chipped and broken out of their fittings if they had deep veins running through them. It does look like the two tiny bits at the bottom are true turquoise but without seeing it in person, it's hard to tell. I love the silver work on the ring.. the piece at the bottom is so pretty. Reminds me of the 1920s flappers and cocktail rings.

Well, that's it for this edition of a few of my favorite turquoise things! Stay tuned and subscribe for more in the footer of this page. And let me know which item is your favorite in the comments below!

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