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The Future of Photography + AI

Woman wearing a vintage dress and floral sun hat, standing in a field of flowers with a cloudy sky, art by Blume Bauer

I wonder how photography will change over time alongside AI?

I was able to prompt a woman in a field of flowers, wearing a sunhat and got this lovely image. It combines billions of images online to create it. I did a reverse image search on Google and couldn't find anything that looked even remotely close to her or the scene surrounding her.

So far this only works for a generic scene. I tried prompting "drone photo of Shore Acres in Charleston, Oregon" and it gave me some pics that were so mixed up of so many spots, and none of them looked like Shore Acres distinct look.

What I've noticed is that the AI doesn't want or try to make something that already exists, instead it wants to create something that doesn't exist yet in imagery. To create the clouds, the software combined hundreds or millions of cloud images, the same with the flowers, the woman and her expression, etc.

As long as AI is trying to create something NEW, I feel like we'll still always need photographers to capture the actual thing we need - like an image of Shore Acres. What do you think?

Hugs and kisses from Blume Bauer

A few more women in fields of flowers for you to enjoy...

Woman with her face pointed up to the sky, surrounded by a field of flowers, art by Blume Bauer

Woman in a field of flowers, art by Blume Bauer

Woman in a field of flowers wearing a western hat, art by Blume Bauer


WOW! What really beautiful photos! What a very intriguing perspective as well. I’m still learning about the whole AI process, I am curious about it as well as a bit concerned, referring back to your previous post about AI. Tis true that it does remain to be seen. I do concur with you on the continual need for human photography. In fact, it might hold true for many other forms of human involvement in creations. 😉

Replying to

Thank you Nikki for the compliments on the photos. I agree, I think there will always be a need/demand for human-created things. So many things can be produced by machines these days but we still long for that beautiful piece of hand-crafted jewelry or hand-painted painting. I think there will always be room for both. The fun thing about AI for me so far has been learning all of the ways that it can take mundane tasks that take up a lot of time in my day and make them incredibly faster or elliminate them all-together by doing it for me. I love that. I've always wanted an assistant for my work to do some of the more "mindless" thing…


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