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Plants, Poppins, and the Sea!

Sunset over Tenmile Lake with puffy clouds in Lakeside, Oregon

Pretty sunset view from our deck this week

It’s been an exciting and busy week here at The Yellow Desk! I saw a play, visited the ocean, went to a new plant nursery, and ate at a new restaurant. And the best part was that the Autumn weather was absolutely stunning through it all. We were so lucky to have so much sunshine!

Do you know what is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? That’s right, Mary Poppins! The YaYas and I went to see a theater production of Mary Poppins on Sunday at the South West Oregon Community College (SWOCC) in Coos Bay and it was a pure delight. So many songs that I remembered and a few I had forgotten. The actors were so good and the sets were fantastic. I especially loved that Mary Poppins even floated away – TWICE – with her umbrella! Unfortunately, they didn’t perform my favorite song “Chim Chim Cher Ree” but they did a brilliant job at the Step in Time number with all of the chimney sweeps. Such a special day out with the ladies. Of course, as with most theaters, there was no photography or filming allowed but I did get a selfie with me and the YaYas.

Maria, Blume Bauer, Laurie, and Susan at SWOCC for Mary Poppins in Coos Bay, Oregon

The girls and I at Mary Poppins

I returned home that evening feeling happily exhausted from all of the stimulation. The weather was still so pretty, the sweetie and I sat out on the deck and enjoyed the sunset as we chatted about the day.

The very next day, I was up before the sun to get ready to drive down to Bandon by the sea. One of my favorite places to visit near us. I always love an excuse to go to Bandon. I arrived early enough to stop by the ocean and breathe in the salty sea air. I watched the pelicans hover overhead and the boats coming in and out of the marina. It was another sunny and gorgeous morning. A bit breezy, but it’s always breezy in Bandon – I figure it has to be since it’s at the sea!

I had a lovely and productive meeting with the team and then we went to lunch afterward at one of my favorite spots in Bandon, the Wheelhouse. I had their delicious beer battered shrimp and chips. HUGE shrimp, battered perfectly – not too thick – and light, crispy French fries with my favorite Ginger Beer (not beer at all, but rather more like a rootbeer with ginger). All while sitting with a view of the ocean. I just adore that restaurant. Everything I’ve had there has been scrumptious.

Bandon, Oregon in October 2023

Boat and seagull in the harbor in Bandon

The rest of the week was a mix of a lot of intense work to get done with a couple of lovely evenings spent on the deck after work. I really do love experiencing Autumn after living in the desert all of those years where it was either summer or freezing – and always dry. It’s cool out here in Autumn but the sun is so warm!

And now for why my blog is a day late this week… the best part of the week was on Friday. It was one of the YaYas birthdays – Betty – and she had the great idea that we head out to a plant nursery in Reedsport (a quick 30-minute drive up the coast from our town) and have lunch at a Chinese restaurant afterward in Reedsport. I hadn’t been to either so I was very excited for the day.

Road to TLC Nursery in Reedsport, Oregon

Magical road to TLC Nursery in Reedsport

Gorgeous black and white horse on the farm land for TLC Nursery

Gorgeous black and white horse

We meandered through the neighborhoods of Reedsport, heading west from the downtown area until we reached the gravel portion of the road. We turned right at the fork in the road and entered what I can only describe as a wonderland. Pastures and fruit trees and stunning horses lined the little road as we winded through the farmland. We crossed a tiny bridge over a little creek and then entered a large, open area with TLC Plant Nursery off to the right. It was HUGE and I had no idea it was there. I think we all know by now that I’m obsessed with plants, so I was definitely in my happy place.

The front of the nursery was covered in gorgeous trees for sale and some exotic ones too that I’d never seen before. We met the owner of the nursery – Sam – and she began to show us around. We were immediately in plant heaven. The eight of us drifted off in eight different directions, looking at every plant they had for sale. All of the plants were so incredibly beautiful and in great condition. They were happy and green and vibrant and she had tons of flowering plants too. It was fabulous!

YaYas outside of TLC Nursery in Reedsport, Oregon

YaYas at TLC Nursery

Exotic tree at TLC Nursery in Reedsport, Oregon

Exotic tree at TLC Nursery

We had been to a handful of disappointing nurseries this year with little half-dead plants, or tiny selections, or really exotic plants with really ritzy price tags. This garden center was none of those things. She had beautifully cared-for plants at great prices. I already have plans to return in December to purchase a lovely, very large camellia as a present to myself for my birthday. I had wanted a camellia earlier this year when we traveled down to Langlois to the Dragonfly Nursery but the smallest one they had was quite pricey and when I looked them up online, it said they take 60 years to reach their full potential. I opted not to get it but have regretted it all year. It turns out things really do happen for a reason as Sam’s camellia was three times the size and half the price. I can’t wait to return.

TLC Nursery in Reedsport, Oregon

So many plants – this was 1/6th of the place

Cat at TLC Nursery in Reedsport, Oregon

Sweet kitty at the nursery

Sam also set up a little succulent workshop for us. She purchased lots of different vessels for us to choose from and put out a variety of succulents for us to play with. She prepared a fancy succulent soil for us and taught us about succulents and drainage. Having been a succulent lover already, I still learned quite a bit from her. She also had some succulents that I had never seen – of course, those are the ones I filled my little planter with. I think it turned out so cute and I can’t wait to watch them grow bigger and get babies!

Sam was so sweet to set up a little event tent and tables for us complete with a little gas fireplace to keep us toasty and warm. She set up a little coffee station and even put up birthday balloons for Betty. It was so sweet!

My succulent planter at TLC Nursery in Reedsport, Oregon

My succulent creation

After we were done with our succulent projects, we shopped a bit more. I began making a “pile” of the items I wanted on a chair she had out for us to lounge in. I kept thinking what a dream job it must be to own a plant nursery that you get to live next door to! She just walks over and takes care of the shop and then walks home when the day is done. Being around plants all day sounds so lovely. The whole place had a very relaxed and lovely vibe.

I ended up getting two packages of flower bulbs to plant this fall for next spring – Daffodils and Alliums. I’ve always wanted Daffodils since they are the first to come up in spring. They are that beautiful pop of cheery yellow that comes up and gives us hope after a cold and dark winter. And more recently, I’ve been really wanting to try some Alliums since the gardener I watch on YouTube has them each year and they are just gorgeous while they are blooming and then they have the prettiest seed heads later too.

YaYas projects, from top left; Maria, mine, Susan; bottom row from left, Betty, Bev, Jeanette

I got several other plants but didn’t get pics – I’ll get them for next week’s blog. One that I think was called a Chinese Lantern - it has little pink hanging flowers that look like paper lanterns. One of them has purple berries that don’t even look real. One has huge, tropical-looking flowers – almost like the passion flower I have from my sister but more of a bushy plant instead of a vine and the flowers are quite different in shape. I got some other Autumn colored flowers in yellows, reds and oranges. I think they are all going to make a lovely addition to my cottage garden.

TLC Nursery in Reedsport, Oregon

More plants!

Chickens at TLC Nursery in Reedsport, Oregon

Sweet chickens at the nursery

Sam at TLC Nursery in Reedsport, Oregon

Sweet Sam, our fearless leader for the day!

I could have stayed at the nursery all day but we were all getting hungry. So we said our farewells with plans to return and headed off to lunch. We had to stop for some wild turkeys on the road on our way – they were adorable and so fun to watch. Lunch was at Ocean Garden Chinese Restaurant. The food was very authentic and delicious, the service was great, and the atmosphere was lovely. We had fun telling stories and eating our delicious meals. Betty opened her gifts from all of us. I got her these two lovely outdoor candle holders that match the style of her deck with two pillar candles to place inside. She loved them, wahoo! Marge and Susan both made her earrings – Susan’s were dichroic glass and Marge made stunning earrings from some wire she found lying around Betty’s property the last time we were there. I love that each of the YaYas is so artistic and in so many different ways.

Yesterday was filled with so many moments both sad and joyous. I returned home with “a hundred stories” to tell the sweetie person as we once again, this week, sat out on the deck enjoying the sunset. It reminded me that life can be so full of joy but at the same time be so sad and that it’s okay to embrace both. Life is supposed to be that way… but that will have to be a blog for another day, sweet friends. It’s far too much to add to this one…

I bid you adieu on this lovely Saturday. The sun is shining and my new bulbs and plants are calling me outdoors. I’m going to grab a warm hoodie, pop on my gardening boots – short, red, wellies – and play in the dirt. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and week ahead. Until we meet again…

PS. What is your favorite song from Mary Poppins? I’d love to hear!

Hugs and kisses from Blume Bauer


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