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A Note on being a Curvy-Heavyset-Overweight-Beautiful Woman

I have something to say about being a curvy-heavyset-overweight-beautiful woman. For me, and those women like me, it is likely we have spent our lives living with body perception issues. Perfect strangers have most likely hollered rude comments at us. People we know and love even have awful thoughts about our bodies, our lives, and whether we take care of ourselves enough. Doctors blame every SINGLE thing on being overweight... "you wouldn't have a cold if you weren't overweight"... "you wouldn't have measles if you weren't overweight"... and on and on.

It took me a LOT of years to be comfortable with the body I live in. I spent years dieting, exercising, and trying so hard to be thin. To be like everyone else. One day, I woke up with a revelation. Life is short - REALLY short. And I want to live and love and laugh. I don't want to constantly be thinking about whether I can eat this or have that. I don't want to miss parties because they might be too enticing between the drinks and the snacks.

If you know me, you know I don't eat whole cakes at a time or boxes of donuts for breakfast. Although I will eat a piece of cake and I will have a donut from time to time! I love healthy foods, I love fatty foods, I love meat, I love veggies, I love fruit (my favorite food group). I love wine and a nice cup of hot tea. I drink more water each day than anyone I know. I have tons of energy. I'm healthy. I'm happy.

When I post an article or a photo or something proclaiming that heavy women are beautiful, it is not a statement against thin women. You are all lovely - and let's be honest here, practically the whole world agrees. Remember that being a hin/fit woman, you will likely never encounter any of the things that us heavy girls encounter. You won't have strangers calling out at you across the street, reminding you of your perceived societal flaws. It's unlikely someone will yell out "Hey girl, you're so fit it's disgusting". It's unlikely a doctor will automatically default to your weight as the problem for having the flu, measles, common cold, strep throat, or heck just a sore arm. Your family will not have concern for your well-being because you are fit.

It wasn't many years ago when larger women were revered. When it was a sign of status, royalty, or even a sign of being a goddess-like creature. This too will pass. Everything ebbs and flows with time. In my lifetime, maybe not. But eventually, tides will turn. Hopefully,accept the tide might turn to accepting all women no matter their shape, size, or color. I can only dream!

In the meantime, please know that I'm going to post happy moments for heavier women. I'm going to relish the fact that I enjoy life for all it has to offer – food and drink included. I'm going to talk about women being beautiful no matter their size and often that is going to include specific examples of heavy women and might not include any thin women. This is never to hurt or damage a thin woman's perception of her body (and truly, do fit girls REALLY get down on themselves because they are too fit?), it is to rejoice a body type that is not celebrated in current times. It is to remind everyone that although the magazines, television, and movies all seem to show otherwise, we are not all thin, tall, gorgeous amazons. We have our different shapes, sizes, and colors. And all of them are BEAUTIFUL.


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Illustration by Blume Bauer ©

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