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Valentine's Day Leggings are Here!

Do you love love? I love love so much that my Facebook has more "loves" than "likes"!

I love all of the different types of love there are in the world. From the love for my fur babies to the love for my family to the love of nature, love can come in many different forms. I also love creating - drawing, painting, sketching new ideas, and designing fabrics is my most recent love. With each new design, I get a jolt of electricity through my body. It's the thrill of creating something I'm excited about and I hope you are too!

While I know it's a little early to be thinking about Valentine's Day, it's one of those holidays that gets put on the back burner for a lot of people. Lots of last minute shoppers will be out the night before Valentine's Day or even the day of, grabbing some flowers and chocolates for their love to show them they care. I am one of those people. I'm usually the last minute lover. Maybe not the night before, but a few days before, I'd start scrambling for ideas. I'd read through love poems to find a perfect sentiment to transcribe on to a homemade card. I'd comb through my accumulated gift ideas for my loved one and I'd pull together that last minute gift.

Well, I'm happy to report that things have changed here at The Yellow Desk – actually BEFORE there even was a Yellow Desk. When my long time friend of 13 years became my life partner for the last 9 years and 345 days, our first official date that sealed the deal was on Friday the 13th almost ten years ago today. Incidentally it snowed that day and I thought our date might get postponed but my sweetie had four wheel drive and was confident he could get us to the movies on our slippery, un-plowed roads. We saw the new version of the "Friday the 13th" movie and I made a lovely chicken parmesan dinner afterward. We have been together ever since.

Because our anniversary is on February 13th, we don't celebrate Valentine's Day in the manner that most couples might. We would prefer to celebrate our anniversary and continue the celebration over into the next day. Our favorite thing to do is make a trip somewhere fun. This year we'll be headed south of us to Bandon, Oregon for a little mid-week beach trip in our ambulance turned camper van we lovingly named the Blumebulance. (Say that ten times fast.) Since we love a nice trip for our anniversary, I no longer wait until the last minute to make plans for the holiday. I'm always thinking of ideas for our next trip and anniversary celebration.

My early preparation for the holiday of love leaked over into my fabric designs! And truly it's a good thing. It gives me time to design new seasonal leggings for you, time to promote them and get the word out, and time for you to order them with enough time to still wear them all month long through February to show off your love of love!

Here are a few of the lovely designs I've come up with for you so far. I plan to do a few more before I switch gears for St. Patrick's Day – mostly because I LOVE LOVE and I love making romantic designs (if you hadn't already noticed all of my flowery goodness in fabric design). You can see all of my leggings by clicking here. Go on, you know you want a pair to show off your love for love! Get your new leggings today!

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