My Favorite Dance Blogs

Sometimes as a dancer, it’s easy to feel isolated or alone until you find your local dance tribe. I find it rewarding and fulfilling to read other dancers blogs in the meantime while looking for your dance tribe, to fill up your desire for dance conversation.

Here are a handful of my favorite blogs by dancers. Some of them are strictly about dance and some include lifestyle and other journeys. All of them are great writers and really fun to read!

First up is Princess Farhana (aka Pleasant Gehman). She’s a bellydancer, intuitive, and she used to be a punk rocker! She has the best stories I’ve ever heard and they are all true. You won’t believe your eyes half of the time. She’s also a great resource for bellydance. She knows everything there is to know about costuming, stage makeup, getting gigs, dancing in a restaurant, and more. For Pleasant, I’m going to share both of her blogs. The first is her bellydance blog, which has been on a hiatus for a bit but trust me when I say there is a plethora of great information in there and tons of great stories to read! The second link is her more personal, lifestyle account of her life. Stories from the past, present, and sometimes even the future. You never know what you’ll get there but you’re sure to be thoroughly entertained. I highly recommend both!

Next is Mahin’s blog, She’s Got Hips. I just love Mahin, she’s the sweetest gal and always ready and willing to help a fellow dancer out. She’s a beautiful dancer and incredibly knowledgable about the history of bellydance. Her blog is rich with information that could keep you reading for years. Her writing is well-thought out and professional without being boring or stuffy.

If you’ve lived in or near Los Angeles, then you know Suzy Evans, one of the icons of bellydance. Beloved event producer, video producer, and just lovely lady all-around, Suzy is a wealth of information. Her blog is not longer kept up since 2014, but the information, stories, and topics are still relevant to this day. I highly recommend a stop by her site especially if you’re a bellydancer. Her most recent blog includes the lyrics to Midnight at the Oasis in english! So much fun.

Another favorite bellydancer of mine and former troupe-mate, Faizeh, has a marvelous blog about being a mommy and a bellydancer. It’s called Belly Dancin’ and Baby Rearin’ and if you can’t tell from the title, she’s pretty funny. She’s been a writer for years, loves to share stories and discuss hot topics. Her blog also has taken a backseat to life, bellydance, and as she calls it baby rearing – although her sweet daughter is growing up fast – but the information and stories are ones that stand the test of time. Have a look and a read, I know you won’t be disappointed.

Sophia Ravenna is a long time friend and dancer who has dedicated over a decade to bellydance. She has a great blog that discusses everything related to dance including makeup and costuming. Take a look and enjoy!

Abigail Keyes is a world-traveling dance instructor and performer. She writes about everything from body image, to historical information, to current events in the bellydance world. I find her blog to be informative and important in the bellydance world as she discusses some of the deeper topics we are all concerned with as dancers.

Ananke has a short but mighty list of blogs on her site. They have a wide range of bellydance topics and she covers a lot of area for the beginning bellydancer. Each of these blogs is a quick read that will give you a little more insight into the life of being a bellydancer.

I’m guessing by now you’ve heard of Datura Online but if you haven’t, you’ve got to hit their website right now! It’s amazing!! It’s the Netflix of bellydancing. With incredible instructional videos from all of your favorite bellydancers like Rachel Brice (founder of Datura), Zoe Jakes, Colleena Shakti, and Amy Sigil just to name a few. What some of you may not know is that the website has a fantastic blog too! Featuring trailblazer bellydancers, music theory, and all of their class announcements when new classes come out!

Sahina appears to be a younger and possibly newer bellydancer but her topics on her blog are fantastic. Even if you just read the most recent blog about vegan makeup for the stage, you’ll feel more informed about what you’re putting on your face than ever before. Her science of bellydance blog is pretty great too – we all love to hear how good bellydance is for our minds, bodies and spirits!

Sara Shrapnell is a bellydance writer, teacher and performer with lots of history under her belt. She has taught over 4,000 classes both in the US and abroad. Her blog is filled with great information and I love that she writes about contemporary issues that bellydancers face. The only disappointment you might have on her blog is that when you finish reading them all, you’ll wish there was more!