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Is the Facebook "Shop" Tab Useless?

Facebook has a "Shop" tab for pages and while the Facebook message I received after I added my first product said that it will be shown to millions of people around the world, it didn’t seem to go that far. Actually, they didn’t seem to go anywhere. Each product got a few likes and even one share but they seemed to be stagnant and weren’t even ranked high when shared to the page in Facebook’s feed.

However, that doesn’t make the shop tab completely useless. There is a very cool feature of the shop tab that might interest you especially if you have products or services to sell. When you upload your product to the shop tab, it gives you the ability to link to the item from Instagram and because Instagram doesn’t give you the ability to have live links in your posts, this is a pretty huge bonus! Now you can post your product images on IG, use the FB shop tag, and get a live link for people to go directly to purchase your item!

Here's how to get a shop tab on your page if you'd like one:

Go to your page. Go to "Settings" Click on "Edit Page" Scroll down and click on "Add Tab"

Choose the "Shop" tab from the choices and click okay.

From there, you'll fill in a brief description of your shop, choose how you'd like to be paid (either via Stripe with fees or direct the customer to your website to check out).

Then you can add products.

Good luck and happy posting! I’d love to hear if tagging your shop items on IG is effective for your business. Let me know in the comments!

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