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Buy Now Button: A Website Tip

I was working on my new store for my website and I remembered something that a marketer said in a class once years ago. Someone had asked about the "buy now" type of buttons. The question was, do I make them look graceful and match my website or do I go crazy and make them stand out?

The marketer (wish I could remember her name... hopefully it will come to me) said that the answer was sort of both. It should still "go" with your website as far as font choice and design are concerned but it should definitely stand out too. She said if your website is all blues and purples, the buttons should be yellow or orange or even red. If the website is all warm colors, the button should be a cool color.

She said whatever you do, make the most important thing on that page stand out from the rest so that the viewer's eye goes straight to the important button and they are tempted to click on it. She said it's the "red button" theory. Put a large, red button in the middle of a desk with nothing around it and 90% of the people that come into the room will push it.

I always loved that tip!

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