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TWO Beach Days

What a week it’s been! I’ve had TWO beach days in one week. I feel rather lucky considering this year has been so strange with very few trips away from our little cabin.

Sunday was a gorgeous day and the hubby and I traveled north to Reedsport for an errand, then we stopped by our favorite taco stand and got a couple of their delicious burritos - I got chicken and he got carne asada. We took our lunch back over to Winchester Bay to enjoy the sunshine and waves on a lovely fall day that was quite warm considering it’s November!

Yesterday, I had a DMV appointment in Coos Bay and when I finished, I decided to just drive up the road from there and see where it dropped me out at. It was a beautiful little road that crossed through the forested portion between Coos Bay and North Bend. When I got to Cape Arago Highway, I knew exactly where I was and decided to treat myself to a delicious lunch on the beach – again! Only this time, it was just me. I stopped by my favorite fish & chips spot in Charleston and then headed up the hill to Bastendorff Beach. Goodness, if it wasn’t gorgeous, sunny, and without a stitch of wind! Sometimes I truly think Fall and Winter can be even more lovely than summer here on the southern Oregon coast.

Both of those beach days reinvigorated me! I definitely plan to continue to take advantage of the pretty days in between the rains this year. Since it’s off-season, I practically have any natural spot all to myself when I arrive. How’s that for socially distancing? wahoo!

I’ve been drawing more gift wrap and having such a great time doing it. Listening to iheartChristmas on iHeartRadio – although, I must admit, I’ve been dying to listen to Meghan Trainor’s new Christmas songs posted on Youtube. I love her voice! I’ll have to add that to my playlist for my next drawing session.

For those of you interested in any of the products in my boutique as holiday gifts, you’ll want to order by December 10th to have it arrive in time for Christmas. If you’ve got questions, email me or reply to this email and I’ll be happy to help!

See what’s new this week below and stay safe and healthy out there!

*hugs and kisses* ~Blume


I turned one of my drawings into an adorable hoodie - click on it to see the surprise on the back, it's so cute!! I also finally designed a new pair of leggings, Reindeer Love, another hand-drawn gift wrap, and a new pillow. It's been a productive week!

Click the link below or click any image to be taken directly to the item.


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