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Getting Cozy and Creative

It's officially cozy season on the lake after a glorious second summer. We had warm weather until this past Monday and I was soaking in every second of it. I'm sitting here this morning with a roaring fire, a cup of peppermint hot cocoa, in my cozy new "Think For Yourself" hoodie. I'm excited for Autumn to begin and Winter to be on the horizon. I love this time of year where I can slow down and hibernate a bit. Longer evenings means more down time for me as my brain, body, and soul all want to quit work when the sun goes down. It's as if years of my ancestry come knocking on my door to remind me that we used to wake and live by the sun. I feel that animal instinct to rest in the dark and move slower as it gets colder. My younger self hated this time of year. I looked at this time of year as "lazy" and unproductive. But my wiser, older self knows that this is just what my mind and heart need each year – a true rest.

I hope that you are winding down also this time of year and looking forward to resting more. More cozy fires, more home-cooked and hearty meals, and more restful moments to restore your soul after the busyness of Spring and Summer. You deserve a rest, so take it!

I also love to be creative more often this time of year. Whether it's drawing a new illustration or creating something super cute for my boutique – creating, crafting, and expressing myself through art and glitter and glue are always top of mind in the cooler months. A lack of outdoor adventures is fine by me as I love to be indoors, making things.

This week, I made my mom's homemade chili recipe. It's become a tradition here at our little cabin. The weather turns colder and I want comfort food. What's more comforting than one of our mother's recipes? I made boxed cornbread on the side after only one success in ten years of attempts at cornbread. It was delicious. I like mine with honey and butter. How do you like your cornbread?

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