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All About Hashtags

If you’re on Instagram, then you might have noticed that instead of being all about that bass, Instagram loves hashtags!

There are so many opinions out there on how to use hashtags. Some say to use all 30 every post (30 is the maximum number allowed in a post), others say that it looks desperate. I agree with both sides on this one. It CAN look desperate to use all 30 hashtags in every single post. I say mix it up but also don’t be afraid to look “new” to things when you are new. New is OKAY. Everyone was new at one point and I bet if you look back through the IG accounts for those that say 30 hashtags looks desperate, they were using all 30 when they were new too.

Use what you feel comfortable with for each post. Maybe some posts you really want to get new eyes on what you’ve got to show and other posts are just for fun or filler and those get less attention to hashtags. Using the “right” hashtags for a particular post can make it go viral and that is huge. You’ll have to experiment and try out different hashtags with different photos. I think the best number to use each time is a mix. Use 30 on your important posts or when you’re first starting out. Then mix it up and have some with only 15 or 20, a few with 5-10, and every once in awhile blow everyone’s minds and don’t use a hashtag at all, instead use a call to action and ask people to go to your link in the bio.

For me, it’s more important to find the right hashtags that will reach your followers than it is to worry about the number of hashtags you’re using. To do that you’ll have to experiment and if you get stuck with a lack of ideas, you can always post in the comments of this blog and I’ll help you out!

In the meantime, here’s a fantastic tool to help generate some new hashtags for you to try. Play with them, they can be a really fun way to get new people to see your products or services!


I found a great, easy to use - no sign up required - hashtag generator. You type in the generic word at the top (for me, I used "lake" and then also used "cabin"). I clicked on the button for "top" under the word entry box (to give me the top tags for that subject). They also have the option of random or live.

It quickly gave me the top 30 hashtags for the word! I scanned them for tags that I thought would be appropriate for my particular post and weee! Lots of new hashtags tried out.

Here's a link:


When you're using a lot of hashtags, it can be time consuming typing them all in. Save time by typing them into your notepad on your phone and then copy/pasting them into your posts.

I try to keep my copy/pasted tags down to about 25 so that I have room to add a few new ones at the end of each post that are relevant to that specific product that I'm posting. I also use those last 5 tags sometimes to add some new tags I haven't used before - trying to reach new followers.

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