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Using a Facebook Group for Your Business

Do you use Facebook groups for your biz?

I have found that it’s a lot more fun than a page in a lot of ways. People get into groups more than they do with following pages and you can run contests, host silly games, do polls, and more! Facebook groups are a great way to share what’s new with your biz without overwhelming people on your personal profile. The best thing is that you can add everyone you know (one at a time of course and with caution - not too many per day), and if they aren’t interested, they have the opt-out option right from the start. Those that are interested will stay and you’ll have a group of people who actually want to see what’s new!

I recently listened to a good podcast from Screw the Nine to Five with a few great tips for groups. Did you know that you can easily welcome new members each week? Under your "members" area on the right hand side of the group, there is a "# of new members" with a button to "Welcome new members". Click the button, write a nice welcome message and voila!

They have some other great tips as well, click here to see them all or listen to the podcast!

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