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A Brief but Magical Hike Around the Siltcoos Lagoon

I cannot recall where we were that day previous to our arrival at the Siltcoos River but I imagine we were in Florence for some reason that day as the Siltcoos River is just south of Florence and Dunes City. Always looking for new access points to the ocean and ever-exploring our new area, my love pulled off the highway where the Siltcoos River Recreation Area sign directed and we drove down the long, slow road into the campground, lagoon, and river area towards the ocean.

Not finding what we were looking for, another beach locale, we turned around to head back out to the highway. On the way out, I spotted this lovely bench overlooking a spectacular blue lagoon. Like a five year old child, I stomped my feet and yelled out “let’s stop!” Dennis, always aiming to please me, made a sudden left into a parking lot and parked the Blumebulance (our ambulance turned camper van).

We hopped out and made our way down a narrow path with low-hanging trees on the same side we had parked on, across from the lagoon I longed for. I stopped here and there, taking in the different foliage and flowers. Dennis tells me I linger a lot. This always makes me smile because I make it my mission in life to linger when I have the chance – to literally stop and smell the roses (or wildflowers in this case). The path opened up and we were at a T in the road. We crossed over to the sparkly lagoon, washed in sunlight, towards the little bench I first spotted.

My original intention was to sit on the bench and take in the view. As we sat, we noticed that the bench had been hand-made and had the name of the maker carved into it. We watched the sunlight twinkle on the water as it danced lightly in the breeze. It was warm in the sun. We felt like lizards on a rock basking in the heat. Dennis, always exploring further and far less able to sit still and enjoy, walked a bit down the trail to see what was next. Upon his return, he told me that the trail went into and around the lagoon. How exciting!

Just as we began to make our way down the trail, we saw the largest dragonfly either of us had ever seen. It’s wings glistening, glittery in the sunlight, it’s massive furry body was large enough to get pets! We watched it in awe and I took a few photos of the massive insect and then we began our magical little hike around the Siltcoos Lagoon.

As we walked, we noticed new trees, bushes, and flowers that we had not experienced yet on our little property on Tenmile Lake. Each of us hugged a very large around old growth tree to feel its mass against our bodies and maybe take in some of the wisdom that old tree possessed. We stopped briefly to say hello to two very nice gentlemen sitting on benches further into the lagoon, having a chat. They exchanged compliments on the weather with us and we were back on our way.

Everywhere I looked, I felt like I saw something new. New flowers, new trees, new grasses. More green than my eyes have ever seen anywhere other than in Oregon. The lagoon and the trail were filled with magical nature at every turn. We stole a couple of quick kisses here and there – there’s something about nature that is so romantic. Soft wisps of what looked like cotton growing wild fluffed off in the breeze across the air. Holding hands, we made our way around the path, occasionally breaking apart to explore little bits here and there. The birds were singing in the trees and we only saw one couple the entire way besides the two men we said hello to early on.

Stepping out into the sunshine from the shaded trail was like getting smacked with reality. Back to life, away from the magic. I could have stayed in there for hours. I can’t wait to experience the trail a second time hopefully someday soon!

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