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New This Week! Week 1

Hi lovelies!

I wanted to start a new weekly blog to showcase all of my new designs each week. I have been enjoying designing fabrics clothing and home decor as well as designing stationary – if you know me, you know I LOVE stationary. I always have a large stack of beautiful journals just waiting to be filled with brilliant notes, scribbles and thoughts. I have also always loved dresses and leggings and when I was young I wanted to be a fashion designer. I used to sketch out the dresses and models and I even took a course in fashion in college. Alas, life pulled me in other directions with other passions – as it so often does. I'm getting to live out my dream in a new way by creating the designs that are custom printed to fabrics and journals and home decor items one at a time, just for you!

My designs lean towards the romantic most often but I do love a fun, funky design now and then too! There's one thing my clothing designs will never be... boring!

Here is a line up of what is new this week - from leggings to duvet covers to throw pillows and even new swimsuits. Enjoy!

These leggings are divine! They are handmade with love in the US out of a quality, thick, buttery soft fabric. Printed with my fabric designs, and then sewn one at a time as you order them. This weeks leggings include:

(Top row): Bling Bling, Blue Roses, and Blue Tunnel

(Bottom row): Cactus Flower, Boxwood, and Cherry on Top

Click here to find them all in my shop!

I am in LOVE with these swimsuits. Although they don't have as many options for swimsuit designs, what these sewers do make is of the utmost quality. Gorgeous design, fantastic fabric - each made with love and care to order just for you!

(Top Row): Bling Bling One Piece Swimsuit, and Blue Roses One Piece Swimsuit

(Bottom Row): Blue Roses Bikini, and Bling Bling Bikini

Find them all in my shop, click here!

Now for my love of stationary... I could have hundreds of beautiful notebooks and journals and I would still long for more! Hand me a smooth pen and I'm in heaven. I hope these journals help bring you a little closer to heaven this week!

(Top Row): Bling Bling Hardbound Journal, and Cactus on Buttery Yellow Journal

(Bottom Row): Cactus on Buttery Yellow Spiral Notebook, and Bling Bling Spiral Notebook

Find them here in my shop!

If you couldn't tell, I sort of fell in love with creating the new "Bling Bling" fabric. It's so pretty up close – a silver gray pattern of diamonds, stones, and gems on a dusty navy blue background. The outcome made my heart sing and I just had to add it to some more beautiful products in my shop.

(First Row): Weekender Tote Bag, Throw Pillow, Duvet Cover

(Second Row): Shower Curtain, Scarf/Wrap, Yoga Mat

(Third Row): Round Beach Towel with Fringe, Carry-All Pouch, and Hardbound Journal

Click on the item in the lists above to see them in my shop!

That's it for this week! I can't wait to share what I'm working on for next week as the designs are completed. Stay tuned and don't forget to join my email list - it's free!

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