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The Oregon Coast

I am in love with the Oregon Coast. The beaches are beautiful and 70% of the year almost completely unoccupied. A big change from the Southern California beaches I grew up. Here is just a small bit of the beauty that is the Oregon Coast. Enjoy!

I love how the pine forest covers the landscape leading all the way down to the water. And isn't that the cutest Noble Fir you've ever seen on the left of the frame? So soft and yellow-green too!

Peeking through the twisted tree limbs. The wind grabs the trees and drags them back and forth in the storms. The trees bend, but they stand tall and proud. This might be why I love trees so much.

The red, brown and yellow bark on this tree's spine-like trunk is especially beautiful.

The waves get so big in the Pacific Northwest. It really reminds me of how powerful the ocean is and how small I am in comparison.

Watching the water crash against the rocks with such ferocity is both frightening and invigorating at the same time. There is definitely excitement in the air on the Oregon Coast.

The beauty doesn't only lie within the water, it's also prominently displayed along the shore.

The sky is so blue and the succulents grow rampant all along the coast. The ocean and the shore are alive and breathing.

The Devil's Churn is incredibly impressive. Located near Yachats, this water feature reminds humans who's boss as the ocean's waves crash into this cavernous place with incredible intensity. Each wave spitting water as high as 20 feet over the sea level.

I hope you are enjoying a glimpse of the Oregon Coast. Have you ever been to see it in person? I'd love to hear your stories in the comments! If you love it, give me a heart at the bottom of this post too. xoxoxo

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Illustration by Blume Bauer ©

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