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Marketing for Artists

Let's face it, as artists we just want to create all day, every day. While we can and should create often and as much as possible, if we want to sell our art, we've got to market and promote it to the public. The good news is that the internet makes that easier than it used to be in the days of hitting the streets, walking into galleries, and begging them to show your art. Now we have the ability to share our art with the world via social media and our websites with or without the approval of the "art world". I think that is pretty darn exciting!

As a marketer in my past–life with Kodak, I carried those marketing tools over into running my own businesses. My time at Kodak gave me a love and excitement for marketing that most artists do not typically have. I have spent the years since working for them, researching, reading, taking webinars, and gleaning information on how to get my art out to the world. And I love sharing that information with other artists. Helping them to market their art and share their passion with the world!

Before you dive in, I have two important words that I hope will linger with you for many years to come – be PROLIFIC and CONSISTENT. No amount of marketing success can surpass these two things. If you make work often and lots of it and you are consistent at sharing your work, then you will always be ahead of the game. Every artist I see out there on Instagram, Society6, Pinterest, Facebook, and TikTok that is successful has these two things in common - they are always prolific and they are consistent in their posts. Now that you have the secret to success as an artist (and possibly any field out there), please enjoy yourself as you peruse my tips and tricks that have worked for me and other artists over the years!

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