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Welcome to a world of adventure on the Oregon Coast where tranquility meets travel.

Explore a world filled with art, dance, yoga, travel, and events. Shop my store for unique designs and fabrics made for clothing, accessories and home decor!

Travel blog by The Yellow Desk. Blume Bauer's travels around the Western United States.
The Yellow Desk blog about Art, Belly Dance, and Yoga by Blume Bauer.
Lifestyle blog by The Yellow Desk. Blume Bauer writes about food, gardening, her cats, and life living in a tropical rainforest on a lake on the Oregon Coast.
Marketing for Artists blog series by The Yellow Desk. Blume Bauer shares insights as an artist and a marketer to help other artists improve their marketing efforts.
Yellow Desk TV is comprised of videos by Blume Bauer featuring lifestyle experiences on the Oregon Coast.
Photos by The Yellow Desk of Blume Bauer's adventures on the Oregon Coast an Western United States.
Blume Bauer's party boots, also known as rain boots, on the deck of our tiny cabin in a rain forest on Tenmile Lake on the Oregon Coast.
Fun, funky, and romantic leggings by YELLOW. Created by designer, Blume Bauer from the Oregon Coast.
Fun, funky, and romantic one piece swimsuits and bikinis by YELLOW. Designed by Blume Bauer from the Oregon Coast.
Fun, funky, and romantic A-Line Desses by YELLOW. Designed by Blume Bauer from beautiful Tenmile Lake on the Oregon Coast.
Large beach bags, craft bags, and one of a kind handbags by YELLOW. Designed by Blume Bauer in her cabin on the lake.
Fun, funky, and romantic throw pillows perfect statement piece for your sofa in your living room or to cozy up with on your bed in our bedroom. Pillows by YELLOW. Designed by Blume Bauer from her desk in a rain forest on the Oregon Coast.
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February 5, 2018

Of course, I have my “About Me” section on the blog where you can find out more about me and my life experiences, but I thought I’d share a little more fun information about me with the “Three Things” format. It’s a fun way to share more about me – and let’s admit it,...

September 28, 2017

I purchased some delicious, fresh tuna in Charleston on Saturday when we went to Sunset Beach for the afternoon. I was excited to grill some of it and make fish tacos. I grilled it up with some garlic, olive oil, basil, a little salt and pepper. They were thick tuna st...

September 26, 2017

It was raining that morning. It never rains in the desert but somehow that morning the skies opened up and water poured on us as we finished packing and loading the vehicles. Possibly a little preview from the universe of what our new coastal home would be like. It was...

May 21, 2017

I never used to make a weekly meal plan until we moved out here to the lake (Ten Mile Lake, Oregon). We live at the very end of a long, winding gravel road that turns into a smaller jeep trail near the end. Popping by our favorite restaurant is not as quick or easy as...

March 4, 2017

Ever since our move to the Oregon Coast, living on Ten Mile Lake, surrounded in beauty, has really inspired me to start cooking again. Prior to our move, I had become stuck in a rut that often consisted of convenience foods or things that I could put together in a matt...

February 28, 2017

It was mid-afternoon when we had finished seeing homes on Ten Mile Lake but we wanted to press on and head up the coast, at the very least to look for a different campground (we wanted to try out as many as possible on our way up and down the coast). I had prepared a l...

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The Finish Line: Our Oregon Adventure Part XV

September 26, 2017

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