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The Yellow Desk blog about Art, Belly Dance, and Yoga by Blume Bauer.
Lifestyle blog by The Yellow Desk. Blume Bauer writes about food, gardening, her cats, and life living in a tropical rainforest on a lake on the Oregon Coast.
Marketing for Artists blog series by The Yellow Desk. Blume Bauer shares insights as an artist and a marketer to help other artists improve their marketing efforts.
Yellow Desk TV is comprised of videos by Blume Bauer featuring lifestyle experiences on the Oregon Coast.
Photos by The Yellow Desk of Blume Bauer's adventures on the Oregon Coast an Western United States.
Blume Bauer's party boots, also known as rain boots, on the deck of our tiny cabin in a rain forest on Tenmile Lake on the Oregon Coast.
Fun, funky, and romantic leggings by YELLOW. Created by designer, Blume Bauer from the Oregon Coast.
Fun, funky, and romantic one piece swimsuits and bikinis by YELLOW. Designed by Blume Bauer from the Oregon Coast.
Fun, funky, and romantic A-Line Desses by YELLOW. Designed by Blume Bauer from beautiful Tenmile Lake on the Oregon Coast.
Large beach bags, craft bags, and one of a kind handbags by YELLOW. Designed by Blume Bauer in her cabin on the lake.
Fun, funky, and romantic throw pillows perfect statement piece for your sofa in your living room or to cozy up with on your bed in our bedroom. Pillows by YELLOW. Designed by Blume Bauer from her desk in a rain forest on the Oregon Coast.
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September 14, 2018

Moving into our little cabin, we knew there wasn’t a dishwasher already installed. We had imagined getting a countertop dishwasher and possibly placing it on top of the dryer but then quickly realized that the cabinet above the dryer did not have enough space for the d...

September 12, 2018

Sometimes as a dancer, it’s easy to feel isolated or alone until you find your local dance tribe. I find it rewarding and fulfilling to read other dancers blogs in the meantime while looking for your dance tribe, to fill up your desire for dance conversation. 

Here are...

September 10, 2018

Does your Instagram account need a boost? Here's a fun challenge to give your account a big more activity and get you used to posting every day.

This one will be only 15 days and it will be catered to your followers getting to know you and your business better. Leave yo...

September 9, 2018

Years ago, in my 20s, my two besties and I would get together for a bit (or some would call a lot) of holiday baking. We would gather up all of our supplies – literally anything that can be used for making up some delicious holiday treats – and bring them over to one o...

September 7, 2018

We woke up bright and early the day we were headed to Coquille (pronounced Coke-keel). The home next door to us was up for auction and although it had too many leans against it to make it an affordable property to purchase as a vacation rental, we were determined to se...

September 5, 2018

Yogis often speak in ways that words are not required while in the practice. They are often silent and soft and do very little talking while instructing. Yet I find they have profound things to say when they are not practicing their discipline and self-enlightenment. 


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The Finish Line: Our Oregon Adventure Part XV

September 26, 2017

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Blume Bauer, the author of The Yellow Desk and designer for the clothing and home decor brand, YELLOW.
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Hi, I'm Blume! I recently moved to the Oregon Coast where I live in a tiny cabin, high up overlooking Tenmile Lake, surrounded by a rain forest on the Oregon Coast. It's like living in a tree house...


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